10 Best 1 Piece Toilets for 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guides

When it comes to bathroom remodeling or renovation, choosing the right toilet can make a significant difference in both style and functionality. One piece toilets have become increasingly popular over the years due to their sleek design and easy maintenance. While the market offers a wide selection of choices, finding the best 1 piece toilets can be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore the top 10 best 1 piece toilets available in the market and provide a detailed buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

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1 Piece Toilets: A Simplified Overview

One-piece toilets are a popular option for homeowners and businesses alike due to their sleek and modern design, as well as their compact size. Unlike traditional two-piece toilets, which have separate tanks and bowls that are bolted together, one-piece toilets are made from a single, seamless unit.

These toilets offer several benefits, including easy installation, simple cleaning and maintenance, and improved hygiene. They are also environmentally-friendly, using less water per flush than older models. With a variety of styles and features to choose from, one-piece toilets are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom.

Our Recommendations for the Best 1 Piece Toilets

SaleRANK 1
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece Toilet,...
  • Size: 27 x 15.12 x 31.18 inches.Dual flush with high-performance gravity 1.1 / 1.6 gallon per flush (gpf).16” bowl height..Batteries...
  • Seamless porcelain one-piece with an easy-to-clean design
  • Elongated comfort height bowl for luxury and convenience.
  • Soft Closing Seat closes gently and quietly
  • Quick-Release seat can be unlatched from the toilet for easy removal and convenient cleaning; no tools required
KOHLER 3797-0 K-3797-0 1 Piece Toilet, White
  • 24-1/4-inchL by 14-3/8-inchW by 28-inchH
  • Please read installation instructions before purchase
  • Dual flush option (1.6 or .9 gallons)
  • Meets strict flushing performance guidelines established by the EPA-foots (Environmental Protection Agency) WaterSense program
  • Qualifies as an HET (High-Efficient Toilet) - consumer rebates are available in certain municipalities
HOROW HWMT-8733S Small Toilet 25" Long x 13.4" Wide x 28.4" High...
  • Modern Design: Modern compact one-piece toilet. This toilet is smaller and shorter than a standard toilet, so it perfectly fits small...
  • Space Saver: This toilet is compact one piece toilet in small size smaller and shorter than a standard toilet,so it fits for small...
  • Siphon-Flushing: Highly efficient dual-flush toilet allows you to proactively conserve water by selecting 1.1 GPF or higher(1.6gpf) for...
  • Easy To Clean: The modern toilet's fully skirted trapway design makes it extremely easy to clean. It can be kept clean for a longer time...
  • Two Sizes of Supply Line Inlet Hose: If your supply line size is 1/2", you could directly connect your water line to the toilet. If your...
TOTO® Vespin® II 1G Two-Piece Elongated 1.0 GPF Universal Height...
  • High profile, two-piece elongated bowl and tank set
SaleRANK 5
Swiss Madison SM-1T125 Daxton One Piece Elongated Toilet 1.28 GPF
  • High-performance gravity 1. 28 Gal. per flush (GPF)
  • Skirted trapway, for easy cleaning
  • Soft Closing Seat closes gently and quietly
  • Side holes offer easy access to the floor bolts for installation.
  • ADA Compliant
HOROW T0338W Compact One Piece Toilet with Comfort Chair Seat ADA...
  • Luxurious Toilets for Bathrooms: Modern toilet with ADA height design. Seamless, one-piece toilets design makes a statement with its clean...
  • Chair Height Toilet: ADA Compliant. Features 17.3" height from floor to seat. comfortable height seating, it makes visiting the toilet to be...
  • Map Flush 1000 Grams: Great Maximum Performance Flush score of 1000 grams, meets Water Sense criteria. Fully-glazed 2" trapway. Such a...
  • Easy to Install: Two big opening holes on the side to fix the toilet much easier. Installing a new modern toilet isn't as hard as it sounds....
  • Water Saving Performance: Siphon Flushing. Dual Flush 0.8/1.28 GPF. A 1.28-gallon flush provides significant water savings of up to 16,500...
DeerValley DV-1F52812 Compact One Piece Toilet, Small Modern Dual...
  • Compact Design & Comfort: With dimensions of 24 1/2"L x 13 3/8"W x 28 3/8"H and a standard-size round bowl, this compact toilet is ideal for...
  • Water Saving & Highly Efficient Dual Flush: The toilet offers two flush options, utilizing a dual flush system of 0.8/1.28 gallons per flush...
  • Easy to Clean & Soft-Closing Seat: Featuring a sleek design, this modern toilet's seamless, full-skirt trap design eradicates corners and...
  • Easily Installed: With two large side openings, installation of this dual-flush toilet is a breeze for plumbers. The package includes the...
  • 12-Month Warranty: At our core, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in kitchen and bath products, accompanied by an exceptional...

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How Does Buying 1 Piece Toilets benefit you?

There are numerous reasons why 1 Piece Toilets are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. In this section, we will explore some of the key benefits of investing in these sleek and stylish bathroom fixtures.

Space-saving design

One of the main reasons why people opt for 1 piece toilets is because of their space-saving design. These toilets are compact and take up less space than traditional two-piece toilets, making them an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms or tight spaces.

The one-piece design eliminates the need for a separate tank, which helps to reduce the overall size of the toilet. Additionally, one-piece toilets are often shorter and more streamlined, which also helps to save space. This can be particularly helpful in apartments or homes with small bathrooms where every inch counts.

Overall, the space-saving design of one-piece toilets is a major advantage for those looking to maximize their bathroom space and create a more functional and practical environment.

Ideal for small bathrooms or powder rooms

A small bathroom or powder room in a house or apartment can often be a challenge to design due to the limited space available. One of the best solutions for such a space is installing a 1-piece toilet. These toilets come in a compact size and have a low profile design, which makes them ideal for tight spaces.

Besides, 1-piece toilets do not have separate tanks or bowls which mean that they occupy less space as compared to traditional two-piece toilets. So, it’s a great idea to use 1-piece toilets in small bathrooms or powder rooms as they provide maximum functionality while taking up minimal space. They are also easy to clean and maintain as compared to two-piece toilets. Moreover, they offer a sleek and modern appearance that can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Efficient water consumption

One of the primary reasons for opting for a 1-piece toilet is its efficient water consumption. Compared to the traditional 2-piece models of toilets, which can consume up to 6 gallons of water per flush, these modern toilets use as little as 1.28 gallons per flush. This not only saves a considerable amount of water, but also reduces water bills in households and commercial spaces.

The water consumption efficiency of 1-piece toilets is achieved through their advanced design and engineering. Featuring a compact and streamlined form, these toilets use gravity and pressure to deliver an effective flush, rather than relying on excessive water flow. As a result, they are not only more eco-friendly, but also easier to maintain and clean, making them an ideal choice for modern bathrooms that prioritize sustainability and convenience.

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What Things to Consider when Buying 1 Piece Toilets?

Before settling on any product, it’s essential to take some factors into account. When it comes to picking the best 1 piece toilet, there are several things to keep in mind. Here are some crucial considerations that can help you make the right decision.

Size of the toilet

There are several reasons why we should consider the size of the toilet before buying a one-piece toilet. Firstly, the size of the toilet will determine whether it will fit in the bathroom space available. If the toilet is too big, it might not fit in the space provided, and if it is too small, it may not provide comfort and convenience during use.

Secondly, the size of the toilet can affect its performance and efficiency. A larger toilet bowl can provide a more efficient flushing system, while a smaller bowl might not be able to handle larger waste loads. Therefore, choosing a toilet with the right size can ensure optimal performance and reduce the need for frequent maintenance and repairs. Overall, considering the size of the toilet before purchase can ensure that it fits well within the bathroom space and provides optimal performance and convenience during use.

Water efficiency

Water efficiency is an important consideration when buying 1 piece toilets because it can save significant amounts of water and reduce your utility bills. Most 1 piece toilets designed with water efficiency in mind use less water per flush than traditional toilets, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, many cities and municipalities have implemented water conservation policies that require homeowners to use toilets that meet specific water efficiency standards. Therefore, choosing a water-efficient 1 piece toilet can help you comply with these regulations and avoid fines or penalties.

Another reason to consider water efficiency before buying a 1 piece toilet is that it is an environmentally responsible decision. Toilet flushing accounts for a significant portion of overall household water consumption, so using a toilet with a low water flow rate can dramatically reduce your water usage. This can also help conserve the planet’s natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, many water-efficient toilets use innovative design features, such as dual-flush technology, which allows users to choose between a low-flush and high-flush option depending on their needs. Therefore, by purchasing a water-efficient 1 piece toilet, you can make a positive impact on the environment while also saving money on your water bills.

Flushing power

Flushing power is an important consideration before buying 1-piece toilets because it reflects the toilet’s ability to effectively clear waste down the drain. A strong flushing system ensures that the toilet will not clog frequently, resulting in less maintenance and repair costs over time. Additionally, a weak flushing system can lead to multiple flushes, wasting water and impacting water bills.

Having a 1-piece toilet doesn’t always guarantee a powerful flush, and it’s crucial to research different options and their flushing capabilities before making a purchase. Factors like the size of the trapway, the diameter of the flush valve, and the pressure of flushing mechanisms like gravity, pressure assisted, or dual flush can all impact the toilet’s performance and flushing power. Ultimately, considering flushing power can lead to better functionality, cost-savings, and overall satisfaction with your toilet.


Comfort is a significant consideration when purchasing one-piece toilets because they are frequently used and can have a significant impact on personal hygiene. One-piece toilets with taller seating and wider bowls may provide more convenience and be easily accessible to people with mobility impairments. Comfort can also be influenced by the size and shape of the toilet seat and the type and placement of flush handles. A comfortable toilet can make a significant difference in reducing the risk of developing joint or back pain, which is especially beneficial for seniors and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

In addition to comfort concerns, opting for a one-piece toilet can save space in your bathroom, making it an ideal option for small bathrooms or lavatories. The compact design makes them more comfortable to use and clean compared to two-piece toilets. Since a one-piece toilet is a single unit, it is relatively straightforward to install and has fewer sealing points. This means that the likelihood of leakage or damage is minimal, hence enhancing your overall bathroom experience. Comfort is vital when buying a toilet since it affects your personal hygiene, your health and well-being.

Ease of cleaning

Ease of cleaning is an important factor to consider when purchasing a 1-piece toilet. While 1-piece toilets are popular for their sleek and modern designs, they can be more difficult to clean than traditional 2-piece toilets. 1-piece toilets have fewer seams and crevices where dirt and bacteria can accumulate, but those seams and crevices can be harder to access for cleaning.

If a toilet is difficult to clean, it can lead to the buildup of harmful bacteria and unpleasant odors. This is not only unsanitary, but it can also be detrimental to the health of those who use the toilet. Therefore, it is essential to consider the ease of cleaning when purchasing a 1-piece toilet to ensure that it can be thoroughly cleaned and maintained, promoting better hygiene and a healthier living environment.

Brand reputation

Brand reputation is an important factor to consider when purchasing 1 piece toilets as it can indicate the quality of the product and the level of customer service provided by the manufacturer. Well-known and established brands are likely to have invested in research and development and will use high-quality materials to produce their products. They are also more likely to provide warranties and after-sales service to their customers, ensuring that any issues or defects are quickly rectified. Brands with good reputations are also more likely to have a track record of customer satisfaction, with positive reviews and feedback from past customers.

Alternatively, purchasing a lesser-known or untested brand can be risky as the product may be of lower quality or may not perform as expected. Some brands may also lack customer support or warranty options, leaving you with a faulty or broken toilet and little recourse. It’s important to do your research, read reviews, and choose a brand with a strong reputation to ensure that you are getting a quality product that will last for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a one-piece toilet?

A one-piece toilet is a toilet where the tank and bowl are integrated into a single unit. This means that there is no seam or joint between the tank and bowl, which results in a sleeker and cleaner appearance. One-piece toilets are generally easier to clean than two-piece toilets, as there are no hard-to-reach spaces between the tank and bowl.

One-piece toilets are also known for their durability and longevity, as they have fewer parts that can potentially break or wear out over time. They are also typically more expensive than two-piece toilets due to their design and construction. One-piece toilets are available in different styles and sizes, making them suitable for various bathroom designs and layouts.

How does a one-piece toilet differ from a two-piece toilet?

A one-piece toilet is a toilet where the tank and bowl are molded into one seamless unit. This makes it easier to clean as there are no crevices or spaces between the tank and bowl where dirt and grime can accumulate. Additionally, one-piece toilets tend to be more compact and have a sleeker appearance as they do not have a visible seam between the tank and bowl.

On the other hand, a two-piece toilet consists of a separate tank and bowl that are bolted together during installation. These toilets tend to be less expensive than one-piece toilets and are easier to repair or replace individual parts if needed. The tank on a two-piece toilet is usually mounted higher on the bowl which can provide a more powerful flush. However, two-piece toilets are typically bulkier and may not fit in tight spaces.

What are the benefits of a one-piece toilet?

A one-piece toilet is a toilet where the bowl and the tank are integrated into a single piece. The benefit of a one-piece toilet is that there are no seams or crevices between the bowl and the tank where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. This makes cleaning the toilet much easier compared to a two-piece toilet as there are fewer places for germs and dirt to hide. Additionally, one-piece toilets are generally more aesthetically pleasing and can add a sense of elegance to a bathroom due to their sleek and simple design.

Furthermore, one-piece toilets can also be more compact and space-saving compared to traditional two-piece toilets. One-piece toilets are designed to be more efficient and use less water per flush, which means they can also help save on water bills. As a result, one-piece toilets are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathroom design due to their hygienic, space-saving, and cost-effective nature.

Are one-piece toilets more expensive than two-piece toilets?

Yes, generally one-piece toilets are more expensive than two-piece toilets due to the materials and manufacturing methods used in their production. One-piece toilets are made of a single molded ceramic piece, which is more expensive to produce than the multiple components that make up a two-piece toilet. Additionally, one-piece toilets often feature more advanced flushing systems and have higher-end designs, contributing to their higher cost.

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After thorough research and analysis of several 1 piece toilets, we have come up with a list of the top 10 best 1 piece toilets available in the market. The toilets on our list not only boast great features but also an exceptional design and durability.

Thus, if you want the best 1 piece toilet for your bathroom, be sure to choose one from our list. Rest assured that you won’t go wrong with any of our recommendations as they all offer great functionality, comfort, and efficiency. Invest in the best 1 piece toilet for your home today and experience the difference it can make in your daily routine!

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