Top 11 Best One Piece Toilet Bowl In 2024 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

The toilet bowl is an essential fixture in every bathroom. No bathroom is complete without a toilet. If you’re in the market for a new toilet, consider a one-piece toilet bowl. One-piece toilets are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their sleek design, ease of cleaning, and water-saving capabilities. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 11 best one-piece toilet bowls on the market. We’ll provide reviews and a buying guide to help you choose the best one-piece toilet bowl that fits your needs and budget. So, let’s get started with the best one-piece toilet bowl options!

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Overview of One Piece Toilet Bowl

A one-piece toilet bowl is a popular fixture in modern bathrooms due to its sleek design, easy maintenance, and compact size. This type of toilet is made from a single molded piece, which makes it more durable and less prone to leaks compared to traditional two-piece toilets. The absence of a seam between the tank and the bowl also makes cleaning easier, as there are no crevices or joints where dirt can accumulate.

One-piece toilet bowls come in a range of styles and sizes, from standard round or elongated bowls to wall-hung models. Many also offer features such as dual-flush systems, water-saving designs, and soft-close seats. When selecting a one-piece toilet bowl, it is important to consider the size and layout of your bathroom, as well as your personal preferences for style, color, and functionality.

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What Makes Purchasing One Piece Toilet Bowl Essential?

There are several compelling reasons why you might want to consider buying a One Piece Toilet Bowl. These toilets have been gaining popularity in recent years for a number of good reasons. In this section, we’ll highlight some of the top advantages of investing in this type of toilet.

Space-saving design

One Piece Toilet Bowl is a perfect choice for those who are dealing with limited space. These toilets take up less space in the bathroom and are perfect for small bathrooms or powder rooms. One-piece toilets are designed to be compact and space-saving by integrating the tank and bowl into a single unit. This means that there is no gap between the tank and bowl, which can save extra space.

In addition to the space-saving design, installing a one-piece toilet can also enhance the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. The sleek and modern design of one-piece toilets can create a visually appealing appearance and make your bathroom look more spacious. It also makes cleaning much easier as there are no tight spaces or crevices that are hard to reach. Overall, if you’re looking for a toilet that can save space and enhance the look of your bathroom, a one-piece toilet bowl is the perfect choice for you.

Easy to clean

One Piece Toilet Bowls are often preferred by people because of their easy-to-clean feature. Unlike two-piece toilets, one-piece toilets do not have seams or crevices where bacteria, mold, or mildew can grow. This makes them easier to clean and maintain, which is especially important for people with busy lifestyles who want to save time and energy on cleaning.

Additionally, one-piece toilets do not require additional hardware or fittings, which means that there are fewer parts to clean. The simplicity of the design also makes it easier to clean the surfaces of the bowl, inside and outside. With this feature, you can save on cleaning supplies, reduce your cleaning time, and keep your bathroom sparklingly clean all the time.

Enhanced hygiene

One piece toilet bowl offers enhanced hygiene as it eliminates the seam between the tank and the bowl that is commonly found on two-piece toilets. This seamless design prevents the buildup of bacteria, mold, and dirt in the crevices between the tank and the bowl, which makes cleaning easier and more effective.

Moreover, the absence of crevices between the tank and the bowl also minimizes the risk of leaks. Leaks can lead to water damage and mold growth, which can decrease indoor air quality and affect the health of the occupants. The seamless design of the one-piece toilet bowl ensures a reliable and efficient operation, reducing the maintenance required to keep your bathroom clean and healthy. Overall, a one-piece toilet bowl is an excellent investment for those who value enhanced hygiene and easy maintenance.

Energy-efficient flushing system.

Energy-efficient flushing systems are an important factor to consider when purchasing a toilet bowl – not just for environmental reasons, but also when it comes to reducing water bills. One-piece toilet bowls with energy-efficient flushing systems utilize low-flow technology to help conserve water. This type of flushing system also tends to use less energy than older models, making it more eco-friendly, and users can potentially save on utility bills over time.

In contrast to older models, energy-efficient toilets can use as little as 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which represents nearly a 20% savings from the high-volume 1.6 gallon toilets that used to be the norm. In addition to using less water, these toilets typically have specially-designed trapways and powerful flush mechanisms that ensure efficient waste removal, meaning fewer clogs and less need for maintenance in the long run. These factors make one-piece toilet bowls with energy-efficient flushing systems a smart choice for consumers looking to save money while also being more environmentally conscious.

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Things to Consider when Choosing the Best One Piece Toilet Bowl

To make an informed decision about the best one-piece toilet bowl for your home, it’s important to consider several deciding factors.


It’s important to consider the size of a one-piece toilet bowl before purchasing one because it will determine whether or not it will fit properly in your bathroom. If the toilet bowl is too large, it may not fit in the allotted space and could cause problems with installation. Additionally, if it’s too small, it may not provide enough comfort for the user.

Another reason to consider size is that it can affect the efficiency of the toilet. If the bowl is too small, it may not have enough water capacity to properly flush waste. On the other hand, a bowl that is too large may waste water and increase your water bill. By selecting the appropriate size, you can ensure that your one-piece toilet bowl is efficient and provides comfort for its users.


Color is an important consideration when buying a one-piece toilet bowl as it affects the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. The right color can complement your bathroom d├ęcor and give it a cohesive and stylish look. Matching the toilet bowl color with the wall and floor tiles can create a harmonious look. Additionally, colors may enhance the perceived size of your bathroom, with lighter colors giving an illusion of a bigger space and darker hues creating a cozy vibe.

Moreover, color can impact the cleanliness and maintenance of your toilet bowl. Light colors like white or beige can reveal smudges and stains more easily, making it easier for you to spot the areas that need cleaning. In contrast, dark colors like black or grey can hide dirt and stains, making it harder for you to keep the toilet bowl clean. Thus, the color of your one-piece toilet bowl must be chosen carefully, considering both design and practical aspects.


Before buying a one-piece toilet bowl, it’s important to consider the type of material used in its construction. The material used will determine the durability, quality, and overall longevity of the toilet bowl. Different materials used in one-piece toilet bowls include porcelain, ceramic, and vitreous china. Porcelain is the most durable option, but also the most expensive. Ceramic is less expensive and easier to clean, but it is more prone to chipping. Vitreous china is a middle ground option that is durable and easy to clean, but also affordable. Material choice will ultimately affect the lifespan of your toilet, so it’s important to make an informed decision based on your needs and budget.

In addition to durability and quality considerations, material choice will also affect the aesthetic appeal of your toilet bowl. Different materials will have different finishes and colors, which will exacerbate the existing design of your bathroom. Porcelain is typically offered in white or off-white, while vitreous china and ceramic can offer a wider variety of colors and finishes. It’s important to choose a material that fits the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, so the toilet bowl doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Flushing technology

Flushing technology is an important factor to consider before buying a one-piece toilet bowl. There are various types of flushing systems such as gravity-fed, pressure-assisted, dual-flush, and power-assisted. These systems vary in their efficiency and water consumption. For example, a pressure-assisted flushing system may use less water and provide more forceful flushing than a gravity-fed system. Choosing the right flushing technology can help maximize water efficiency while ensuring the toilet bowl remains clean and hygienic.

Another reason we should consider flushing technology before buying a one-piece toilet bowl is its impact on the environment. With growing concerns over water scarcity and global warming, conserving water has become a pressing issue. According to the EPA, toilets account for nearly 30% of indoor residential water consumption. Installing a toilet bowl with an efficient flushing system, such as a dual-flush system, can help reduce water consumption and minimize our carbon footprint. Thus, factors such as water efficiency, cleanliness, and environmental impact make flushing technology a significant consideration before investing in a one-piece toilet bowl.

Installation requirements

It is important to consider installation requirements before buying a one-piece toilet bowl, as it can affect the cost and ease of installation. One-piece toilets require more labor for installation than two-piece toilets, as the entire unit needs to be lifted and placed onto the mounting surface. Additionally, one-piece toilets may require additional structural support due to their weight, which can increase installation costs. Knowing the installation requirements beforehand can help ensure that the toilet is compatible with your plumbing system and that the installation is done correctly, preventing potential issues and costly repairs down the line.

Another reason to consider installation requirements before buying a one-piece toilet bowl is to ensure that the toilet is ADA compliant if necessary. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has specific requirements for toilet height and spacing to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities. If the toilet is not installed according to these guidelines, it may not meet ADA requirements and may need to be replaced, resulting in further costs and inconvenience. By considering installation requirements beforehand, you can ensure that the toilet is ADA compliant and meets your accessibility needs.

Manufacturer’s warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty is an essential factor to consider when buying a one-piece toilet bowl. The warranty assures buyers of the product quality and provides a sense of security that any repairs or replacements mandated by the manufacturer will be taken care of within the specified warranty period. Hence, it is essential to inquire about the duration of the warranty, what it covers, and the manufacturer’s reputation for honoring their warranty. A warranty that covers manufacturing defects and other critical components will help save money and time when dealing with repair and maintenance issues.

When choosing a one-piece toilet bowl to purchase, a good warranty makes it a reasonable and wise investment. If a manufacturer can back up their product with an excellent warranty, it indicates that the product has been tested and is likely to last for an extended period. The warranty deals with any issues that may arise from the manufacturer’s end, offering buyers a sense of security and reducing the risk in case the product turns out to be defective or does not meet the buyer’s expectation. In summary, buying a one-piece toilet bowl with a good warranty will guarantee peace of mind, as buyers know that they are investing in a high-quality product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a one piece toilet bowl compared to a two piece one?

A one-piece toilet bowl is a seamless, unitary design that is made as a single piece, which means that it does not have a separate tank and bowl. This design offers several advantages over a two-piece toilet. One of the most significant benefits is that they are easier to clean as there are no gaps between the tank and the bowl where dirt, grime, and bacteria can accumulate. They are also more compact, taking up less space than a two-piece model, and can be easier to install as there are fewer parts to assemble. Additionally, one-piece toilets tend to have a sleeker, more modern design which can complement the style of your bathroom.

In contrast, a two-piece toilet has a separate tank and bowl that are bolted together. While this can be an advantage when it comes to repair and replacement, it also means that there are more crevices and joints where dirt and bacteria can hide. Two-piece models can also be bulkier, making them more challenging to install and maintain. However, they are often cheaper than one-piece toilets and offer a broader selection of styles and designs. Ultimately, the choice between a one-piece and two-piece toilet will depend on your personal preference, budget, and the specific needs of your bathroom.

How much water does a one piece toilet bowl use per flush?

Most one-piece toilets use approximately 1.6 gallons of water per flush (also referred to as a “1.6 gallon flush” or 1.6 GPF). However, there are also models that use 1.28 gallons per flush (1.28 GPF) or even less. These toilets are designed to be more water-efficient while still being effective at flushing waste. It’s important to note that older toilets may use significantly more water per flush, often up to 3.5 gallons or more, which can waste a lot of water over time.

Can a one piece toilet bowl be installed by one person or does it require a professional?

Installing a one piece toilet bowl can be done by one person with some basic plumbing skills and tools. However, it is recommended to have a professional plumber install the toilet to ensure proper installation and avoid any potential damages or leaks.

If you choose to install the toilet yourself, make sure to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and double-check all connections to ensure the toilet is securely mounted. Additionally, it may be helpful to have a second person assist with lifting and maneuvering the toilet into place.

What materials are commonly used in the construction of one piece toilet bowls?

One piece toilet bowls are commonly made of porcelain, also known as vitreous china. This material is durable and easy to clean, making it a popular choice for toilet bowls. Some manufacturers also use ceramic or other types of engineered materials such as acrylic or plastic for their one piece toilet bowls. However, porcelain remains the most commonly used material due to its sturdiness and traditional appearance.

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When it comes to choosing the best one piece toilet bowl, it all comes down to preference and requirements. Our review of the top 11 options provides a comprehensive perspective of what the market has to offer. From high-end options to affordable yet functional models, there is something for everyone. However, our top pick is the TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet thanks to its powerful flushing system, comfortable design, and durable construction.

Investing in the best one piece toilet bowl is essential for enhancing your bathroom experience. This guide provides valuable insights into what you should consider before making a purchase. By analyzing the key features, pros, and cons of each model, you can make an informed decision and get the most value for your money. Choose the best one piece toilet bowl that suits your needs and enjoy a comfortable and hygienic bathroom experience.

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