Top 7 Best Toilet Paper For Travel Trailers – Reviews and Comparison

If you’re an avid traveler who enjoys exploring new adventures and experiences, then having a travel trailer can be an excellent addition to your collection. However, with every adventure comes great responsibility, and one crucial aspect that travelers tend to overlook is the type of toilet paper they use in their travel trailers. Using ordinary toilet paper can cause clogging or harm to the plumbing system, which is why finding the best toilet paper for travel trailers is critical. In this article, we’ve researched and reviewed the top 7 best toilet paper for travel trailers to help you make an informed buying decision.

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Toilet Paper For Travel Trailers: A Quick Overview

Toilet paper for travel trailers is a specialized type of tissue paper designed to be used in portable toilets and septic systems commonly found in RVs, campers, and travel trailers. Traditional household paper products can easily clog or damage these systems, causing costly and unpleasant plumbing problems.

Toilet paper for travel trailers is typically made from biodegradable materials that dissolve quickly and easily in water. It is also softer and more durable than regular paper products, making it more comfortable to use while on long trips. Many manufacturers also offer scented or hypoallergenic options to accommodate different preferences and sensitivities. It is important to choose a toilet paper specifically labeled for use in travel trailers to avoid any potential issues and ensure a smooth and hassle-free camping experience.

Best Toilet Paper For Travel Trailers Compared

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  • Clog resistant
  • Biodegradable and septic tank safe
  • Comfortable 2-ply
  • RV and marine approved. 4 rolls per case.
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Reasons for Buying Toilet Paper For Travel Trailers

Travel enthusiasts and campers are always in search of compact and convenient solutions to make their trips comfortable. One such product that has recently gained immense popularity is Toilet Paper for Travel Trailers. Here are some convincing reasons why this product is a must-have for your upcoming outdoor escapades.

Hygiene purposes

When it comes to using a toilet in a travel trailer, hygiene is especially important. Many travel trailers have holding tanks for waste water and sewage, and it’s important to keep these tanks as clean as possible to prevent odor and disease.
Using the wrong type of toilet paper can lead to clogs and backups in the pipes, which can result in the release of unpleasant odors and harmful bacteria. So, it’s important to choose toilet paper that is specifically designed for use in travel trailers and RVs, as it is biodegradable and breaks down easily, reducing the risk of clogging. By using toilet paper designed for travel trailers, you can help ensure that your bathroom stays clean and hygienic, even when you’re out on the open road.

Prevent spread of germs and bacteria

Toilet paper is an essential item that we use to maintain hygiene in our day-to-day life. While using a travel trailer, it is crucial to follow hygiene practices to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Using regular paper or inappropriate items as toilet paper can clog the plumbing system, leading to unhygienic conditions and the spread of bacteria.

Toilet paper, specifically designed for use in travel trailers, is made of materials that are easily degradable and won’t clog the plumbing. This type of toilet paper disintegrates quickly, ensuring sanitation and preventing the spread of bacteria and disease. It also reduces the risk of damage to the septic system and ensures that the sanitary conditions are maintained inside the travel trailer. Therefore, using appropriate toilet paper for travel trailers is essential to keep the area clean and hygienic, particularly when traveling in groups or with children.

Convenient and practical

When traveling in a trailer, it is essential to have all the necessary supplies at hand for convenient and practical use. One of the essential items is toilet paper, as it is not readily available while traveling. Buying specialized toilet paper for travel trailers eliminates the inconvenience of finding regular toilet paper in unfamiliar locations or running out of it in the middle of the trip.

Moreover, toilet paper for travel trailers is designed to dissolve quickly without leaving any residue, making it eco-friendly and septic-friendly. It breaks down faster and does not clog the tank or harm the environment. Thus, it provides an added convenience for the travelers, as they don’t have to worry about any plumbing problems while enjoying their trip. In short, buying toilet paper for travel trailers ensures a comfortable and hassle-free trip while also being practical and eco-friendly.

Essential for everyday use

Toilet paper is an essential item for everyday use, regardless of whether you’re at home or on the road. When you’re traveling in a trailer, you’ll likely be using the onboard bathroom facilities – and that means you’ll need to stock up on toilet paper that’s specifically designed for use with RVs and travel trailers.

Regular toilet paper isn’t suitable for use in portable toilets, as it can cause blockages in the plumbing system. Toilet paper for travel trailers is specially formulated to dissolve quickly and easily, without leaving behind any residue that can clog up pipes and tanks.

By ensuring that you have a good supply of toilet paper for your travel trailer, you can ensure that your bathroom facilities stay clean and functional throughout your trip. So don’t forget to add this essential item to your packing list!

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Guide to Choose the Best Toilet Paper For Travel Trailers

When it comes to picking the best toilet paper for your travel trailer, there are a few crucial factors you should keep in mind to ensure you have a pleasant and hassle-free trip.

Softness of the toilet paper

When it comes to buying toilet paper for travel trailers, it is important to consider the softness of the toilet paper. This is because travel trailers typically have smaller holding tanks, and using a rougher toilet paper can cause clogs and backups in the system. Soft toilet paper is gentler on the plumbing and less likely to cause any damage, which is crucial when you’re out on the road and potentially far from any professional help.

Moreover, the softness of the toilet paper is also a comfort factor. When using the bathroom in a small space like a travel trailer, you want to ensure that you are using a toilet paper that is comfortable to use and won’t cause any irritation or discomfort. Soft toilet paper is generally more luxurious and feels better against the skin, which can make for a more pleasant bathroom experience while traveling.

Strength and durability

When choosing toilet paper for travel trailers, strength and durability should be considered because traditional household toilet paper may not be able to withstand the unique requirements of an RV or travel trailer toilet system. Flimsy toilet paper can easily clog or harm RV plumbing, leading to costly repairs and maintenance. Furthermore, long-term exposure to moisture and heat can weaken regular toilet paper, causing it to disintegrate and render it ineffective. By selecting a tough and durable toilet paper that is specifically designed for RV use, travelers can avoid these plumbing issues and enjoy a more comfortable and stress-free journey.

In addition, strength and durability are important because of the potential environmental impact of using low-quality toilet paper in RV systems. Using regular toilet paper not only clogs the system, but it may also harm the environment by contributing to the build-up of sewage in local water sources. Stronger, high-quality paper reduces the amount of paper needed per use, leading to less waste and reduced environmental impact. Therefore, choosing a durable toilet paper product designed specifically for RV use not only benefits the traveler financially, but it also helps promote eco-friendly RVing practices.


Dissolvability is an essential factor to consider before buying toilet paper for travel trailers. Unlike regular toilet paper, certain types of tissue paper designed for use in RVs and trailers dissolve quickly in water to prevent clogging and damage to your sewage system. Using regular toilet paper in a trailer or RV can cause blockages in the plumbing system and lead to expensive repairs and maintenance. Thus, it is important to choose toilet paper with good dissolvability that cannot clog your tanks or sewer lines.

Moreover, some states have regulations that require the use of toilet paper with high dissolvability levels in recreational vehicles to keep the environment clean and healthy. When you select a highly soluble toilet paper for your travel trailer, you are not only protecting your investment but also preventing environmental pollution. Therefore, always consider the dissolvability feature of toilet paper when choosing the right product for your travel trailer to avoid any unpleasant situations and keep the environment safe.

Number of sheets per roll

When buying toilet paper for travel trailers, the number of sheets per roll is an important factor to consider. This is because travel trailer toilets have smaller holding tanks than regular toilets and can fill up quickly, leading to frequent emptying and unwanted odors.

Choosing toilet paper with fewer sheets ensures that the waste tank in the travel trailer will not fill up as quickly, reducing the need for frequent emptying and minimizing the risk of odors. Additionally, smaller rolls with fewer sheets are easier to store in the limited space available in a travel trailer bathroom. Overall, considering the number of sheets per roll when buying toilet paper for a travel trailer can lead to a more convenient and comfortable camping experience.

Thickness of the paper

The thickness of the paper is an important factor to consider before buying toilet paper for travel trailers because thinner paper can cause clogs or blockages in the RV’s plumbing system. In an RV, the plumbing system is more delicate and can easily get blocked, leading to costly repairs and inconvenience. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose toilet paper that is designed to break down easily, be gentle on the plumbing, and not cause any damage or blockages.

Moreover, thicker toilet paper takes longer to break down in the sewage system, causing issues and environmental concerns. It’s crucial to select toilet paper specifically designed for RV use to prevent such problems from arising. Therefore, the thickness of the paper must be considered to ensure the safe and smooth functioning of the plumbing system in an RV.

Price and value for money.

When purchasing toilet paper for travel trailers, it is important to consider both the price and value for money. This is because, as a traveler, a good amount of expenditure you may face is for disposable items such as toilet paper. Therefore, opting for the cheapest option may not be the best decision, as it could result in low-quality, uncomfortable or non-functional toilet paper. At the same time, you do not want to spend too much money on a product that won’t last long or turns out to be of low value.

Looking for value for money can provide you with a high-quality product at a good rate. You should consider products that offer good absorbency, soft texture and are also biodegradable, so that you can dispose of them easily while being kind to the environment. This way, you will be able to enjoy your travels without worrying about toilet paper issues, all while saving money and making a sustainable choice.

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How do I determine the best type of toilet paper for my travel trailer?

When choosing the best type of toilet paper for your travel trailer, there are several factors to consider. The first is the RV’s plumbing system. RVs have narrower pipes than what is typically found in a home, so you want to avoid using thick, plush toilet paper that could clog up the system. Instead, opt for toilet paper that is designed for use in RVs, which is usually thinner and dissolves more easily.

Another consideration is your personal preferences for softness and thickness. Some RVers prefer softer, thicker toilet paper for comfort, while others prioritize a more affordable option that can still do the job effectively. Ultimately, it’s a balancing act between finding a toilet paper that works well with your RV’s plumbing system, is comfortable to use, and fits within your budget.

Can I use regular toilet paper in my travel trailer or do I need to buy a specific type?

It is generally recommended that you use a specific type of toilet paper for your travel trailer. Regular toilet paper may not break down easily and can clog your RV’s black tank. RV-specific toilet paper is designed to dissolve quickly, so it does not cause any clogs or blockages. It is always a good idea to check the packaging of the toilet paper you plan to use to ensure it is safe for your RV’s plumbing system.

In addition to using the right type of toilet paper, you can take other steps to keep your RV’s plumbing system in good working order. This includes using RV-friendly cleaning products, avoiding pouring grease or oil down the drains, and regularly flushing the tanks to prevent any buildup of waste materials. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your RV’s plumbing system stays in top condition and avoid any inconvenient clogs or blockages.

How do I dispose of toilet paper in a travel trailer?

When using a travel trailer, it is essential to dispose of toilet paper appropriately. The best way to dispose of toilet paper in a travel trailer is to use designated toilet paper that is septic-safe. This kind of toilet paper is specially designed to dissolve quickly in water, which reduces the risk of clogging in the black tank. Make sure to avoid flushing baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, or any other items down the toilet as they could potentially cause a clog in the plumbing lines.

Once you have used the septic-safe toilet paper, you can dispose of it in the black tank. However, always remember to keep the tank closed when traveling to avoid any leaks. When it is time to empty the tank, ensure that you are at an RV dump station and follow all the necessary protocols to dispose of the contents. Proper maintenance and disposal of toilet paper will prevent any plumbing problems and ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience.

Are there any environmentally friendly options for toilet paper in a travel trailer?

Yes, there are several environmentally friendly options for toilet paper in a travel trailer. These include recycled or tree-free options such as bamboo, corn, and sugar cane fiber-based toilet papers that are biodegradable and compatible with septic systems. Additionally, some brands offer individually wrapped toilet paper rolls that reduce packaging waste and can easily be stored in small spaces like a travel trailer.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the best toilet paper for your travel trailer is important if you want to avoid clogs, leaks, and other potential issues. Not all toilet papers are created equal, so it’s essential to pick one that is designed specifically for use in RVs or travel trailers. Our top 7 picks in this article have been selected for their high quality, affordability, and effectiveness in keeping your RV toilet clean and functional on your next adventure. So, make sure to keep the best toilet paper for travel trailers on your list of essential items when preparing for your next camping trip.

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