Top 10 Best Camping Toilet Paper In 2024 – Expert Reviews and Guide

When it comes to camping, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your experience. One essential item that’s often overlooked is toilet paper. While regular household rolls may suffice, they can take up a lot of space in your camping gear and aren’t always suitable for outdoor use. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best camping toilet paper options, complete with reviews and a buying guide to help you find the perfect product for your next adventure. Whether you’re a backpacker or car camper, our list has options for all types of campers looking for the best camping toilet paper.

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Understanding Camping Toilet Paper: An Overview

Camping toilet paper is an essential component for any outdoor excursion. Being eco-friendly and biodegradable, this specialized paper is designed to break down easily and quickly as it’s disposed of. It is a must-have item for anyone who’s backpacking, camping or hiking but wants to maintain their hygiene.

Manufactured with particular techniques and materials, such toilet papers can withstand the elements of the outdoors while remaining gentle on the skin. They are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for people who are on the go. The textures of such toilet papers are gentle yet durable, helping to prevent either discomfort or damage. Overall, an excellent choice for every outdoor adventure.

10 Best Camping Toilet Paper Comparison

SaleRANK 2
Coghlan's Packable Camp Toilet Tissue, 2-Rolls
  • Pair of biodegradable toilet tissue rolls, ideal for camping, backpacking, and backcountry trekking
  • Coreless rolls take up less space in your pack
  • 140 single-ply sheets per roll
Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper, 48 Double Rolls, Sustainable,...
  • 48 Double Rolls of Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper, 1-ply, 231 sheets per roll—packaging may vary from images shown
  • Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper is the same #1 choice made for RVs and boats, now with a new look
  • Septic-safe, 1-ply toilet paper that dissolves quickly to prevent clogs and breaks down 10x faster* (*vs the leading brand one ply)
  • Free of perfumes or scents, so no need to worry about allergies or irritation
  • Sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests and manufactured with 100% Wind Powered Manufacturing (US Manufacturing off-setting...
Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper (2-Ply, 8 Rolls, 500 sheets each) -...
  • MORE FUN LEISURE TIME: Enjoy spending more quality time in the great outdoors or with your family instead of unblocking smelly toilets and...
  • DISSOLVES AS SOON AS ITS DONE ITS JOB: Septic Tank and Chemical Toilet Safe Toilet Tissue Paper dissolves completely in mere minutes yet is...
  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE - Perfect for RVs, tiny houses, off-grid living, boats, yachts, marine, camping, hiking, eco retreats, composting toilets...
  • VALUE EIGHT ROLL Pack (2 Ply) - each roll has 500 sheets. Soft but strong tissue paper sheets are gently textured without being abrasive or...
  • TOTAL PEACE OF MIND - Forget the nasty chemicals, enzymes, chlorine tablets, bacteria and other nauseating cleaner solutions - Just use...
SaleRANK 6
Boat and RV Toilet Paper Septic Safe Tissue Toilet Quick Dissolving 12...
  • DISSOLVES QUICKLY & WON'T CLOG: Our septic safe toilet paper dissolves faster and better than standard tissue paper. Designed to quickly...
  • BOAT, RV SUPPLIES & CAMP SEWER TANK SAFE: Take on your next travel, camping, hiking or fishing trip. Tissue toilet paper is safe for septic...
  • SOFT YET STRONG 2 PLY: Our premium biodegradable quick dissolve boat and rv toilet paper 2 ply 500 sheet single 1 rolls get the job done and...
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Our items are made to only strict, tested, trade-secret standards and you will find this one premium fast rapid...
  • WHY BETTER BOAT: We are a family owned American business committed to making premium quality boat and RV care and cleaning supplies. We...
SaleRANK 7
Portawipes Coin Tissues | 50 Pack with 5 Carrying Cases | Toilet Paper...
  • BE PREPARED IN THE HOME OR ON THE GO: Use Portawipes compressed coin tissues anywhere. Just add a tablespoon of water and you've got a...
  • Includes FIVE Waterproof Cases: Take them with you everywhere you go with the included waterproof storage cases designed for the outdoors,...
  • LARGER, SOFTER AND STRONGER: With a fabric weight of 54 grams per square meter, Portawipes are the THICKEST compressed tissues you can buy!...
  • HYPOALLERGENIC, PRESERVATIVE FREE, FRAGRANCE FREE & ODOR FREE: Portawipes compressed coin tissues are made from OEKO-TEX 100 Certified...
  • REUSABLE: Portawipes can be reused many times. Simply rinse with water and wring out. When you're ready to throw them away, rest assured...
Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue - Toilet Paper for RV and marine -...
  • [VERSATILITY]: Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue is designed to work with RV, marine, portable, or even with classic toilets
  • [FUNCTIONALITY]: The luxurious 2-ply toilet paper is soft, snowy white, and highly absorbent
  • [PERFORMANCE]: Specially designed to work with RV and marine waste systems, the toilet paper flushes easily and dissolves rapidly, helping...
  • [CONVENIENCE]: Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue is available in a pack of 4 rolls, 396-sheets per roll
  • Specially-made for RV and marine sanitation systems - the "Must Use" toilet tissue..Tissue rapidly dissolves to prevent clogging in holding...

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How Does Buying Camping Toilet Paper benefit you?

For anyone planning a camping trip, having the right supplies is essential. One key item that should not be overlooked is camping toilet paper. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth investing in this product for your outdoor adventures.


When people go camping or hiking, they usually have to use the restroom in outdoor facilities. These facilities may not have proper sanitation, and the available toilet paper may not be clean or safe to use. Using unsanitary toilet paper can lead to infections or irritations that can ruin the camping experience and even pose health risks.

To avoid these hygiene concerns, it is important to bring camping toilet paper that is specially designed for outdoor use. Camping toilet paper is typically biodegradable and eco-friendly, so it won’t pollute the surrounding environment. It is also softer and less abrasive than regular toilet paper, reducing the risk of irritation. Ultimately, bringing camping toilet paper can help make outdoor restroom use more hygienic and comfortable.


When camping, it is often difficult to find modern facilities such as a regular toilet or indoor plumbing. This makes it necessary for campers to rely on portable camping toilets. When using these toilets, it is important to have the right kind of toilet paper. Regular household toilet paper can often clog these portable toilets, leading to an uncomfortable and messy situation. That is why camping toilet paper is the best option.

Camping toilet paper is designed to be lightweight, compact, and easily disposable. It is also environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and easy to carry around. This makes it the perfect choice for campers who want to stay comfortable and clean during their outdoor adventures. With its convenience, reliability, and portability, camping toilet paper is a must-have for any camping trip.

Environmental friendliness

When going camping, it is essential to be environmentally conscious. One of the ways to achieve this is by using camping toilet paper that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This type of toilet paper breaks down easily, ensuring that it does not harm the environment in any way.

Non-biodegradable toilet paper can take years to break down. This means that it can harm the surrounding environment and wildlife. By choosing camping toilet paper that is environmentally friendly, we can reduce the impact of our camping activities on the environment. Additionally, it allows us to respect and protect the natural environment we are exploring, helping to ensure that future generations can enjoy the great outdoors too.

Availability of facilities

When camping or hiking, we often find ourselves in areas where there are no restrooms or sanitation facilities nearby. In these situations, it’s necessary to have a supply of camping toilet paper on hand. Whether for use in a simple latrine or for cleaning up after using a portable camping toilet, having toilet paper on hand is essential for maintaining personal hygiene.

Even in areas where restrooms are available, toilet paper may run out or become low in availability. Having a backup supply of camping toilet paper can add to the comfort and convenience of the camping experience. Additionally, some campers prefer to use biodegradable toilet paper to reduce environmental impact, and purchasing specialized camping toilet paper can ensure that option is available. Overall, the availability of facilities is an essential reason for purchasing camping toilet paper.

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Guide to Choose the Best Camping Toilet Paper

When it comes to camping, we all know how important it is to have the right gear. However, one thing that is often overlooked is the importance of having the right toilet paper. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when looking for the best camping toilet paper.


Softness is an important factor to consider when buying camping toilet paper because it affects the overall comfort level of using the product. When camping, access to a toilet and other amenities can be limited, so having a soft and gentle toilet paper can make a big difference in ensuring a pleasant and hygienic experience. Additionally, camping toilet paper that is too rough or harsh can cause skin irritation or discomfort, which could lead to unwanted infections or discomfort that could ruin the camping trip.

Furthermore, softness is particularly important when camping because most camping toilets or makeshift toilets don’t have the same plumbing or water pressure as a typical household toilet, so using harsh or low-quality toilet paper could lead to clogged pipes or sewage backups. As such, it is important to choose soft and lightweight camping toilet paper that is biodegradable and easy to dispose of in an eco-friendly manner, to avoid any negative environmental impact.


Camping toilet paper should dissolve easily because it reduces the risk of clogging the septic system or RV toilets. Most regular toilet papers are not designed to dissolve quickly, which can lead to blockages and system failures. Dissolvable camping toilet paper is manufactured using special materials that break down easily and quickly when exposed to water.

By purchasing camping toilet paper that is designed specifically for RVs and campsites, you are helping to protect the environment and ensure that your waste is disposed of in a responsible manner. Additionally, choosing dissolvable toilet paper can save you money in the long run by preventing costly sewer and plumbing repairs. Therefore, we should always consider dissolvability before buying camping toilet paper to avoid any unnecessary problems.


When it comes to camping toilet paper, absorbency is an important factor to consider. Since camping toilets or porta-potties do not have the same level of flush as regular toilets, the toilet paper you choose should be able to absorb moisture and break down quickly. Absorbent toilet paper is also less likely to cause blockages in the toilet system and is more gentle on septic systems or the environment.

Moreover, absorbent camping toilet paper is more comfortable to use and requires less usage for complete clean-up. This means less wastage of paper, a reduction in the frequency of changing toilet rolls, and hence, less hassle. Therefore, absorbency is an essential characteristic to check while purchasing camping toilet paper to ensure a convenient and comfortable bathroom experience even in the wilderness.


When buying camping toilet paper, it is crucial to consider its strength. Camping can be an intense activity that often involves exposure to harsh conditions and unpredictable weather. As a result, you need a camping toilet paper that can withstand such conditions without tearing or disintegrating easily. It should be able to hold up to moisture, sweat, and dirt without falling apart, especially if you plan on using it for prolonged periods.

Additionally, a strong camping toilet paper will help you save money and prevent waste. If the toilet paper is thin and flimsy, you will end up using more of it to clean up, which means you will need to keep replenishing your stock frequently. A strong toilet paper will last longer, reducing the number of rolls you need to carry and ensuring you are adequately prepared for your camping trip.

Quantity per roll

Camping toilet paper is an essential item for any outdoor trip and it is important to consider the quantity per roll before buying it. The quantity per roll determines how long the roll will last and how many rolls you will need to carry with you. When you are camping, you don’t want to run out of toilet paper as you might not have access to a store nearby. Therefore, it is important to choose toilet paper rolls that offer a good quantity per roll so that you don’t have to carry too many rolls with you and can reduce your load.

Another reason why you should consider the quantity per roll before buying camping toilet paper is to reduce wastage. Camping involves being in natural surroundings that require us to be environmentally conscious. If you choose small rolls with lesser quantity, you will be forced to use more rolls and generate more waste. However, if you choose rolls with high quantity, you can use fewer rolls and reduce the environmental impact by minimizing waste. Therefore, choosing toilet paper with a good quantity per roll is not only convenient but also environmentally responsible.


Biodegradability should be considered before buying camping toilet paper because regular toilet paper takes a long time to break down, which can lead to environmental damage. When camping, it is important to practice Leave No Trace principles to minimize our impact on the environment. Biodegradable toilet paper that is specifically designed for camping breaks down faster and more easily, reducing the risk of harming wildlife, contaminating water sources, and leaving behind unsightly debris.

Additionally, using biodegradable camping toilet paper can also be convenient and practical. Biodegradable options are often compact and lightweight, making them easier to pack and carry on camping trips. They also typically have fewer chemicals and additives, minimizing the risk of skin irritation or other allergic reactions. Choosing a biodegradable camping toilet paper can be a simple yet impactful way to make a more eco-friendly choice while enjoying the great outdoors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between camping toilet paper and regular toilet paper?

Camping toilet paper is designed to be used in the outdoors, where traditional plumbing systems are not present. It is made to be biodegradable, meaning it breaks down easily and quickly when disposed of in the environment. Camping toilet paper also often comes compressed or in smaller rolls to save space in a backpack or outdoor toilet kit. It is usually softer and stronger than regular toilet paper as well, as it needs to be durable enough to handle outdoor use.

Regular toilet paper, on the other hand, is designed for use in indoor plumbing systems and septic tanks. It is not made to be biodegradable, as it can cause issues in sewage treatment plants. Regular toilet paper is often larger in size and comes in larger rolls, as space is not a concern in indoor bathrooms. It may also not be as durable or soft as camping toilet paper, as it does not need to withstand outdoor conditions.

Can I use regular toilet paper while camping?

Yes, you can use regular toilet paper while camping, but it is important to dispose of it properly. All waste, including toilet paper, should be buried at least 200 feet away from water sources and campsites. It is also recommended to bring biodegradable toilet paper to minimize any negative impacts on the environment. Bringing a small garbage bag to collect used toilet paper can also be helpful in ensuring proper disposal.

Is camping toilet paper eco-friendly?

Camping toilet paper can be eco-friendly, depending on the type of paper and its production process. Some brands offer biodegradable and compostable options made from sustainable materials. However, traditional toilet paper made from virgin wood fibers is not eco-friendly, as it contributes to deforestation and harmful chemicals used in the production process. It is important to research and choose environmentally responsible camping toilet paper options.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the best camping toilet paper may not seem like a top priority for some, but it can make a significant difference in your camping experience. Investing in a quality product will ensure that you stay clean, hygienic, and comfortable throughout your trip.

After reviewing and researching various brands, it is evident that the best camping toilet paper is one that is biodegradable, soft, and durable. Factors such as easy portability and environmental friendliness also play a crucial role in making a wise purchase. Ultimately, the right toilet paper for you will depend on your individual preferences and your camping needs. Don’t forget to add “best camping toilet paper” to your camping checklist!

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